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Welcome to the Home of Faster Broadband + Better Service!

Whether you use the internet to work, research, surf, stream or game, you can't go wrong with Coosa Valley Technologies. We can offer the fastest speeds because we are building a completely new network using fiber-optic technology, which is the fastest and most reliable available. 

When it comes to internet service, do you know what makes Coosa Valley Technologies different?

Faster Broadband + Better Service:
Coosa Valley Electric Cooperative is committed to providing excellent service. Our values are reflected in our commitments to integrity, innovation, accountability, community service and fairness. We're excited to continue providing excellent service by offering faster broadband and better service to you through Coosa Valley Technologies!

  • No data caps
  • Ultra-fast broadband speeds
  • Stream movies, TV shows and music without buffering
  • Gaming with no lag time
  • Synchronous speeds (download=upload)
  • Dedicated broadband connection to your home or business
  • Local, knowledgeable customer support